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Schwartz, Walter A.: CIGAM
©1931 W.A. Schwartz, Lovenbein Printing Company
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 62 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MercyMercyNew
Walter Schwartz: CIGAM

Comments: "Conjuring, Illusions, Gimmicks, Art, Mystery"


1 Preface
2 Frederick Eugene Powell: B&W photo
3 Frederick Eugene Powell: Dean of American Magicians, biography
5 James C. Wobensmith: President, Society of American Magicians, 1930-31, short bio
5 A Psychological Test - In Reverse (James C. Wobensmith): comedy balls on ring effect
7 W.W. Durbin: President of I.B.M., short bio
7 The Bonds of Love (W.W. Durbin): rings become linked using a mirror glass
8 Royal L. Vilas: National Secretary S.A.M. short bio
8 Mirror Glass: Make one quickly using a trench mirror
9 John Mulholland: editor of The Sphinx, short bio
9 Magic Photography (John Mulholland): duplicate of a chosen photograph appears on a previously blank cardboard
10 Al Baker: short biography
11 Al Baker's Favorite: selected card vanishes from packet; uses Baker's "Living Dead" notebook
12 Dr. Harlan Tarbell: short bio
12 The Modern X-Ray Cards (Harlan Tarbell): reading a card sandwiched between two others
13 Eugene Laurant: short bio
14 Torn Card Trick (Laurant): torn and restored card
15 Hardeen: short bio
15 Vest Turning Trick (Hardeen): vest turned inside out while hands tied
16 Will Goldston: short bio
16 Stab It - A New Matter Through Matter Pocket Trick (Will Goldston): a mechanical pin through penny trick (looks difficult to make)
17 Max Holden: short bio
18 Another Card Location (Max Holden): daub
18 T. Nelson Downs: short bio
18 A Coin Trick (T. Nelson Downs): silver dollar is squeezed into change
19 New Vanishing Coin from Handkerchief (T. Nelson Downs): using a finger ring as a ruse
19 The Negligee Coin Vanish (T. Nelson Downs): half dollar vanishes from under handkerchief
19 Oswald Rae: short bio
20 A New Candle and Handkerchief (Oswald Rae): borrowed handkerchief is encased in a paper tube, set afire, and found inside the candle
21 C. Elliott Smith: 2nd Vice President, S.A.M. 1930-31, short bio
22 Changing a Coin into an Alarm Clock (C. Elliott Smith): coin covered with handkerchief turns into an alarm clock
22 Betty Jane Kolar: 8 year old female magician, short bio
23 The Great Kolar: short bio
23 Kolar's Straw and String Trick: five variations of the string cut in straw effect
25 S.S. Henry Artist Magician: short bio
26 At the End of the Rainbow (S.S. Henry): a silk and pot of gold production
26 Jack Gwynne: short bio
27 A Live Stock Idea (Jack Gwynne): production box
27 William Frazee - Myenberg: short bio
28 Glass of Water Thru Hat (William Frazee): glass penetrates up through hat
28 William R. Williston: short bio
29 The Penetrating Billiard Ball (William Williston): through handkerchief, uses shell
29 U.F. Grant: short bio
30 Another "Stung" Card Trick (U.F. Grant): with Jumbo cards
31 Harry Rouclere: National Treasurer, SAM 1930-31, short bio
31 The Fiddle Bow (Harry Rouclere): balls move up and down a bow, seemingly on command
32 Werner F. Dornfield - Dorny: short bio
32 Divination (Dorny): forcing a 3
33 Edwin Brush: short bio
33 Handkerchief Production (Edwin Brush): apparatus
34 Alfred P. Saal - The Man With the Lights: short bio
34 Match Box Magic (Alfred P. Saal): production of match boxes from thin air
35 Hagoort - The Holland Mystic: short bio
36 Just the Same (Jan Hagoort): card prediction with a gag
36 Ernest K. Schieldge: short bio
37 Transposition Unique (Ernest K. Schieldge): of wrapped up orange and apple
38 Barkann Rosinoff - The Trojan Trixter: short bio
38 A Scandall In the Queens Boudoir: a story using balls on a platform stand
39 Loring Campbell: short bio
40 The Three "Can" Monte (Loring Campbell): uses three Chink Water Cans
41 Louis Zingone: short bio
41 The Surprise Reverse (Louis Zingone): two cards transpose, with selection face up
42 Robert Sherman: short bio
42 Grains of Salt (Robert Sherman): a clever salt pour
43 J.M. Rope Trick (Robert Sherman): a trick for rope and ring
45 Doc Nixon - Neek Suen: short bio
45 The Genuine Chinese Coin Mystery (Nixon): coin trick for Chinese Coins painted various colors
47 Rajah Raboid: short bio
47 Cross Out a Number (Rajah Raboid): math trick
47: Tip: on paint
47: Tip: making a flap
48 Cardini: short bio
49 Walter A. Schwartz: B&W photo
49 The Art of Tying and Dyeing Silks: how to color silks, and how to fold them
51 Walter's Pet: lighted cigarette burns newspaper but not handkerchief
52 Patter for Walter's Pet
53 Cigarette Vanish: using modified TT
53 A Miniature Sword Box: pins puncture a balloon, but when box opened, balloon is there
54 One Hand Color Change: for cards
55 A Tom Thumb Levitation: doll rises and falls in a bottle of water at command
55 A Novel Production: yards of ribbon are produced from a milk bottle filled with milk
56 Colored Sands of Mohammed: spectator's can't find bag filled with red sand
57 A Utility Box: for vanishing small objects
57 A Simple Card Location
58 Vanishing Alarm Clock: for parlor
58 A Surprise Hank Production: twist on the rose in buttonhole effect
59 Penetrating Thimble: through handkerchief
59 Passe Thimbles: thimbles transpose
60 A Color Change: in fanned deck
61 A Complete Black Art Act: fully explained