Schwartz, Sam: Play It Again, Sam
©1977 Louis Tannen, Inc.
Paper, saddle-stitched, 34 pages
Play It Again
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Comments: The Close Up Magic of Sam Schwartz. Includes several routines previously published.


3 Play It Again, Sam: Introduction
3 TOPS: cute opener with bottle tops and a mini Coke bottle; from TOPS Feb 1968.
4 Working Against Time: Magician works against a timer to find the selection; from Kabbala Oct 1971.
6 Dual Transpo: impromptu card trick; from Swami July 1972
7 A.E.I.O.U.: Selection vanishes from between to Jacks and is found in deck; from Epilogue March 1972
9 Samuelevator: elevator cards; The Linking Ring April 1964
10 Four Aces Once Again: combines four effects
11 Alchemy With Coins: a nearly self-working coin trick using two C/S coins; from The Linking Ring
16 Ring On - Ring Off: Bracelet sized ring and rope; moves can be combined into a routine.
16 - Karate It On
17 - The Elevator Release
17 - Lightning Link I
18 - Lightning Link II
19 - Knotted Ring Release
20 Thot Echo: self working discovery of two card selections
21 Ring Flite: ring off rope using a Bracelet sized ring
23 Down and Under - Done Over: a quick card discovery
24 Thot In Color: card in envelope matches selection
25 Noah's Friends: Cards inserted into deck find their mates; from Pallbearers Review April 1973
26 Silver Copper Routine: With English Penny, Half Dollar, and a C/S coin
27 More on "Oil and Water": Sam's version
28 Transposition Routine: Using a gimmicked card but start and end clean
30 Two at a Time: card trick for two spectators
31 Chink-A-Dice: a version of Chink-A-Chink
32 Magician Turns Color: new patter and plot for an old card trick
32 F.I.E.: French, Italian and English coins are detected in packets
33 So There You Are!: Card Selection 1 is found face up, and is used to find Selection 2