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Schindler, George: Entertainment First!
©1977 George Schindler, Third Printing 1982
Paper, saddle-stitched, 25 pages
Image from Magicref

Comments: Lecture plus 13 Bonus Tricks. As lecture notes, all the details of the necessary sleights are not provided, but there is certainly enough detail for the experienced magician.


1 Entertainment First!: Introduction
2 Close Up Standing Up: Full routine outline. Also references Silk Penetration from Tarbell Vol IV, and Devano Rising Cards from Ganson's Art of Close Up Vol 2.
3 - Sponge Ball Routine: in the spectator's hands
4 - Peek Production: brief description
4 - Ambitious Card: Requires Double Lift, Pass, top palm (not explained)
5 - Card to Pocket: basic approach is explained
5 - Comic Prediction: two card revelation gags
6 - Flying Coins: coins across, no gimmicks
7 - Copper and Silver: no gimmicks
7 - Table Transposition: more coin magic
8 - Coin In The Ring: using a folding half
10 Chop Cup Routine: using a standard chop cup set, handkerchief, shot glass, and a large final load
13 Star Prediction: ESP card trick; variation of Joseph M. White effect
14 Ghost Match: match returns to matchbook
15 Decap: follow up for above (from Magic With Everyday Objects)
16 Magic from Phoenix: selection of tricks from Phoenix magazine
16 - Tic-Tac-Toe (1949): mentalist blocks winning move in Tic-Tac-Toe Game
18 - Newspaper Test (1949): book test with a newspaper
19 - Lights Out (1950): cigarette smoke answers questions
19 - Billet Switch (1950): using a matchbook
20 - Dial (1950): clever telephone mentalism
21 - A Swindle (1950): winning $4 with cigarettes
21 - Six Sided Spirit (1951): named simple figure appears on a paper
22 - One In a Million (1951): X is marked on a card and returned to deck, spectator selects another card, the one with the X!
22 - Sealed Penetration (1951): good follow up to above
23 - Torn Quartet (1952): four way center tear
24 Gags: 15 one-liner jokes to use during performance