Scarlett, Peter: Sleightly Entertaining Lecture Notes
©1986 Peter Scarlett, Surrey England
Paper manuscript, stapled, 8.x11", 13 pages
Sleightly Entertaining Lecture Notes
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Comments: Twenty practical effects with cards, silks, coins, balls, keys, wallets, bottles, etc.
Can be purchased direct from Peter in an updated/expanded form (U.K.):


1 Pegged
1 A Classic Force
2 I Know Where You're Going!
2 The Prisoner of the Rod
4 Coins for the Stealing
5 The Ball Floats Again
6 Matched Trio
6 A Pile of Money
7 Another Shaker
9 The Revealing Queens
10 Held in the Hat
10 One for the Kids
10 Seven Keys - Just One More Time
12 The Glasses Do It
13 The Educated Lamp