Sankey, Jay: Sankey Up to Date
©1995 (circa) Jay Sankey
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 14 pages
Up to Date
Image courtesy e-Bay seller StuartMagic

Comments: More of Jay's quirky magic. Can also be found as part of Sankey 1990-1997 notes compilation (which includes Sankey 1996, Real Simple Magic, and Up to Date).


1 Lucky Card: card taped to the card case becomes signed selection
3 Space Ship: bill in bottle
5 Knieval: a burnt jumping card
7 The World's Smallest Magic Wand: card trick with matches
9 Hustler: ashes using pool chalk
10 The Sleeves Up Pass: move
11 20th Century Fox: 20th Century Silks with tickets
13 Drawing Water: a ship in the bottle on a playing card