Sankey, Jay: Twenty Years of Magic
©2003 (circa) Jay Sankey, Canada
Paper, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 64 pages
Twenty Years of Magic
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Comments: Compilation of previous lectures: Memorable Images, Tricks of the Trade, Amazing Tricks and Sankadelic Magic.


1 The Price of Admission: Torn and restored movie ticket
3 A Short Fuse: two cards fuse into a third
6 Tragicomic Keys: two keys transpose
8 Sugarless Gum: chewed gum morphs into new piece
11 A Match By Any Other Name: matches are burned, but not
15 Unscrewed: torn and restored bill
18 Forbidden Fruit: card to a stick of gum
20 Broken English: Chopstick reveals the name of a chosen card
22 Transference: mindreading
24 Unholy: restoring the holes on a piece of torn paper
25 Voodoo: selected card and piece of cardboard are mysteriously linked - what happens to one happens to the other
27 Skin Deep: Two card transposition
30 Revival: lightbulb comes to life (needs a special gimmick)
31 The Changeling: coin transposition
33 Special Delivery: Envelope window card revelation
35 Guaranteed: Another card transposition
37 The Pen Is Mightier: Snapper variation with a kicker ending
38 Saved by the Bell: a phone prediction
39 Bloodhound: coin finds a card in a banded deck
41 B-I-N-G-O: mentalism with a BINGO Card
43 Psychic Silver: mentalism with a borrowed coin
44 3 Bills Switch Ideas:
44 - Cornered: circle hole in a paper changes to a square
45 - Nothing Moved: a moving hole routine with bills
45 - Instabank: check to $100 bill switch
46 Stuck Up: card sandwich with stapled cards
49 The Sleeves Up Pass: a card move
50 Raising Sugar Cane: torn and restored sugar pack
51 What's In A Name: prediction matches selection, and selection has spectator's name
52 Pandora's Envelope: signed card vanishes from an envelope
54 Extended Credit: Broken and restored credit card
56 Sweet Bread: bill and sugar pack transposition
58 Mental Breakdown: impromptu think a card
60 Chop Suey Subterfuge: chop cup move in the spectator's hands
62 Ring A Ding: selection found rolled up in the magician's finger ring
64 Break and Entry: quarter in salt shaker