Sadowitz, Jerry: Cards Hit
The Card Magic of Jerry Sadowitz
©1994 Jerry Sadowitz, Pub. by Martin Breese, Glasgow
Paper, comb-bound, 38 pages
Cards Hit
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Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Last Deadfall: Ace transposition
2 The Persuaders: sandwich routine
3 Come Again: story presentation
4 Prone To Live Dangerously: sucker effect
5 Jaffa Cakes: variation of Twisting the Aces
6 Slip Jog
7 Cover Shift
8 Monkey Feathers: Kings and Aces transposition
9 TRY: Cards change into Aces
10 Hardman
11 Why Not?
12 This Never Happened to the Other Fella!
13 My Name is Kerr
14 Vendetta
15 Something's Up!: card rise
16 The Five of Diamonds
17 Thatcher Out!: cards turn face up
18 Cut Palm
18 Wish You Were Here: Ace transposition with cards in pocket
20 Another One
21 What - Me- Worry?
22 C.N.D.: Royal Flush effect
23 Sparrows Tears: back colors change