Sadowitz, Jerry: Cards on the Table
©1989, Published by Martin Breese
Hard Cover, 105 Pages, Illustrated by David Britland
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Cards on the Table
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Comments (Hunter Higgins): A small book of close up effects from, in my opinion, one of the best magicians around.



3 Chapter One
3 Fetch!
5 Side Slip and Turnover
8 Jack Hodes
11 A million to One
17 Aces in Kings
20 The Backward Card Trick
22 Slop Shuffle Variation
26 The Last Laugh

31 Chapter Two
31 Consolation
34 No Questions Asked
37 Thanks to Hofzinser
42 The Healers
46 Split Marriages
52 Broken Hearts
57 Ambitious Spots
60 Ambtious Spots II
64 The Card that doesn't go to Pocket

73 Chapter Three
73 Delayed Elias
75 Palm Switch
77 Shuffle Reverse
80 Jog Palm

85 Chapter Four
85 Basic Discovery
86 Wilder
88 Tears in Rain

95 Chapter Five
95 Name a Card Triumph