Rubinstein, Dr. Michael: Convention Lecture Notes
©2003 Dr. Michael Rubinstein
Paper, Comb-bound, 40 pages
Convention Lecture Notes
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Comment: Dr. Michael Rubinstein's 2003 live lecture notes features some excellent original coin magic and techniques.As a bonus, the notes also include four routines from his never released 1990 lecture tour. Notes are available from New York Coin Magic.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The R.O.P.S. Move
2 Marked Bill Through Coin: variation of cig thru quarter
3 Retro Fly: brand new Three Fly with new ideas
4 The Purse Palm Subtlety: a new move
5 Stand Up Coins Through the Table II: previously unpublished handling
6 Triple Play: three coin appearance, vanish, reappearance
7 Silver Lint III: a new spellbound routine
8 Magnetic Coins II: new handling on an older effect
9 A Bit of Change: halves to dollar to 4 quarters and you are left clean
10 Coin in Coin Roll: ball and tube with coins
11 The Merlini Purse Routine: new wild coin routine

12 Bonus:
13 Bologna Debut
14 Two Card Reverse Matrix
15 The Black Hole
16 The Dream