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Roth, David: A Lecture by David Roth Coins Close-Up Magic
©1977 (circa) David Roth
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 13 pages
Coins Close Up
Image courtesy e-Bay seller philmat2jle

Comments: No illustrations. I'm guessing at the date based on a date on one of the coins on the cover.
It is a bit difficult keeping all the David Roth lectures straight. Be sure of the contents you want before you buy a set as they often just say "David Roth Lecture" in the description and many don't have dates listed.


1 Winged Silver: four coins travel invisibly one at a time from hand to hand. Uses just one extra coin.
2 Copper and Silver: Copper and Silver coins transpose twice (uses C/S coin)
3 The Optical Pass: retention of vision vanish
4 Coin Box Routine: for Okito box and four coins
5 Continuous One-Hand Chance: coin held at fingertips continuously changes from silver to copper. Uses a copper and silver coin.
6 Chop Cup Routine: practical routine with two final loads, to be performed seated
8 Chink-A Chink: classic four object assembly done with coins.
9 The Purse and Glass: three silver coins in glass transpose with three copper coins in purse
11 Three Coin Vanish: three coins vanish and reappear in the hands