Rothbart, Dr. Laszlo: Deck in Hand- Magic of the Magyar
©1940 1st Edition, Dr. Laszlo Rothbart, Beverly Hills, CA
Paper, 48 pages
Deck in Hand
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7 Introduction
9 Blanko Reverso
11 X-Ray Eyes
12 Your Chance
13 The Thought of Card From Pocket
16 Telephone Directory Text
19 Rising Cards
21 The Medium Knows It
24 The Performer Can't Be Wrong
26 The Ambitious Card
27 The Card You Thought Of
28 Dr. Rothbart's Four Ace Trick
30 The Blindfold Mystery
33 Mental Selection
35 Easy Four Ace Trick
36 The Kings and the Queen
37 The Card You Must Think Of
39 Mene Tekel
40 Out of the Hat
40 Card Revelation
42 Pierce Your Card
43 Find Your Card
44 You Are a Conjurer
45 Think Stop
46 I'll Tell You
47 Another Sucker Trick