Rogers, Mike: The Unconquered Card
A Complete Professional Card Routine
©1989 Michael F. Rogers; Published by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt
27 pages, paper, stapled, 5.5x8.5"
Unconquered Card

Comments [DA]: Manuscript for Mike Rogers' 3 Card Monte effect using gaffed cards. Similar in some ways to Michael Skinner's Ultimate Monte. Recommended.

Contents: Effect comes complete with gaffed cards.

1 Introduction (Jeff Busby): A brief history of the gimmicked 3 Card Monte (based on an Theodore L. DeLand Jr. effect), and how Mike Rogers came upon it.
3 Bibliography: List of 13 "find the Ace" references
5 The Unconquered Card:  Step by step instructions with many clear line drawings
5 The Effect: Two black Jacks and a Red Queen are shown. Though mixed, the Queen always ends up in the middle. Finally, one card is put aside to make it easier. The Queen vanishes and the put aside card proves to be the Queen.
6 The Cards: described
6 The Easy Way to Learn the Routine: constructing a dummy set
8 Setup: order of the cards
8 Phase One - They Can't Find It
16 Phase Two - The Gag Explanation
18 Phase Three - Watch the Center Card!
21 Phase Four - The Bustout
26 Concluding Remarks: final tips