Rogers, Terri: Top Secrets
1998 Martin Breese, London
Hardcover, no d/j, 94 pages

Top Secrets
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Comments (Martin Breese): "This is, without question, Terri Rogers greatest book of magic and the finest book I have published" Available as an e-book from

Contents: (from book, updated Oct 2017)

6 Publisher's Note (Martin Breese, 1997)
7 Introduction (Max Maven)
8 A Letter from Terri Rogers
9 Top of the Bill: enhanced version of the old Magic Boomerangs
15 The Boromian Link: a linking card effect based on Paul Harris' Immaculate Connection - not impromptu
23 - A Link With Four Cards
25 Buckled Bunkum: topological trick with a belt and a buckle
31 Chess Mate: a prediction matches the time set on clock faces
35 Mind Game: another application of the Gemini Factor used above
38 StarGate: Topological card trick where one card is folded through a window in another card
44 Twisted - The Afghan Border Race: one spectator always finishes a puzzle before the others
49 Word of Mind: a clever book test
61 The FlexiCard: each time a folded jumbo card is opened a rabbit moves and the card changes
69 Blink: three colored rings link, unlink and become fixed together in spectator's hand
74 - Stand Up Routine
77 BlockBuster: a string runs through a block of wood, and a bracelet size ring instantly links the string
86 The Anatomy of a Magic Trick: quick thoughts on creating magic
87 The Magic Oblong: three rings on a platform transform into a large oblong frame
90 The Colour Changing Ring: a ring strip changes color depending on how you look at it
91 The Three Colour Changing Rings: combination of the above two concepts
93 Addendum (Max Maven): an expanded routine using the Gemini Factor