Rogers, Terri: Secrets The Original Magic of Terri Rogers
1986 Martin Breese
Hardcover, 81 Pages
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Secrets The
              Original Magic of Terri Rogers
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Comments ( Terri's first book. Terri Rogers is known for her topological magic trick creations.


1 Meet Terri Rogers: short biography
4 Razor Blades From Mouth: genuine blades never enter the mouth
15 The Pirish Compass: paper compass arrow changes directions
26 It's A Stick Up: two cards initialed with stickies transpose
31 Blank Amazement: another use for the Tip Over Change
33 The Computer Deck: a card rise trick with comedy
38 Bottom's Up: move to make a card appear face up on deck
40 The Chinese Twist: follow-up for Paul Harris' Bizarre Twist
44 Smaller'n That: a diminishing deck routine
51 The Holey Tube: a tube gains the holes lost by a "repaired" silk
56 Shoot Out: flourish to propel a card from the deck
60 The Italian Rope Trick: stiff rope becomes limp, and can be examined
64 TTFN (Or The Gambler's Cure): The Tri-Trtra-Flexagon wallet
70 Curry Flavour: another approach to Curry's Out of This World
74 Try This: ideas for effects - the Guillotine, Sponge Balls, Flash Paper, Ring & Rope, Comedy Prop
80 Final Words