Rogers, Terri: More Secrets
1988 Martin Breese, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 80 Pages plus ads

More Secrets
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Comments ( Illustrated by David Britland. Over twenty ideas and tricks covering cards, rope and mentalism often using a topological method. Terri is a great lateral thinker. Enjoy her creations. Available as an e-Book from

Contents: (updated Oct 2017)

1 Introduction
3 Sum Sum: open prediction of a sum of numbers chosen by audience
8 Rope Disaster Of 1984: clever cut and restored rope with comedy
15 Always In The Middle: variation of Trevor Lewis
19 - Notes: idea for additional move for "The Chinese Twist" from Secrets book
20 Ring In Egg Timer: general instruction on how the egg timer is gimmicked
23 The Echo Count: show three different cards as identical
26 Mouse-Fish-Teers: story packet trick using the Echo Count and custom cards
30 Hummerous Phoney Telepathy: magician can determine which of three objects are thought of
34 The Spirit Moves: card prediction using an erasable marker board
40 Off Key Magic: key penetrates a chain while worn by the spectator
46 Jiggery Pokery: packet trick about gambling; uses the Elmsley count
50 False Witness: a topological effect where two spectator's can't agree on a sculpture
56 Kidnapped: two signed selection vanish from between the Jacks to be found under the card case
61 Grab Gamble: magician determines how many coins are taken from a bowl
64 Squaring: Plastic Square with square hole changes to circle with round hole
69 Multable: Packing case transforms to magic table and then to clear basket of flowers
74 Try This: ideas for further development
74 - Carrier Pigeon: mentalism prediction
74 - Trapped: kid's show sawing in half
75 - Master Mind: comedy child-adult competition
75 - The Cut, Restored and Expanding Handkerchief: bit for a blindfold act
76 - Single Handed Top Crimp
78 - Currency Cuts: improved ending for Grant's Million Dollar Bill Mystery from Tarbell Vol 3
79 In Closing

83 Martin Breese Products: catalogue of magic books