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Rogers, Mike: Multiplying Bunnies
Single Sheet manuscript with props

Rogers Bunnies

Comments [DA]: Mike Rogers Multiplying Bunnies is a sponge routine that includes 3 adults and 7baby rabbits. The sponge material is similar to traditional sponge balls and the rabbits are "2 dimensional" as opposed to the Murray and Ammar 3 dimensional rabbits. Which to choose is simply the preference of the magician. The Mike Rogers bunnies are an excellent choice for a multiplying rabbit routine and are much better than the inexpensive rabbits by Adam's and others. Mike's instructions are provided on one side of a single 8.5x11" typed sheet. The front side of the page provides an introduction to the rabbit, and an illustration of where to add custom markings to a rabbit if you desire a more detailed look. The routine provided is for beginners. Mike states, "Most magicians will already have a multiplying rabbit routine, so what follows is for the beginner."


Effect: Two rabbits are shown on the table, a papa and mama. Mama is placed in one hand, while papa is placed in the pocket. Papa joins mama in the hand. Next, the spectator holds mama, and papa is placed into the pocket. Again, papa joins mama. Finally, the spectator holds both mama and papa and when the hand is opened, an entire family pops out.