Robson, Stuart & Ralph W. Reed: Flash Paper Tips
©1937 Stuart Robson; 1976 Louis Tannen, NY
Paper, stapled, 56 pages, 5.5x8.25"
Flash Paper Tips
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Comments: This book incorporates two pervious editions: Tips on Flash Paper, and More Tips on Flash Paper


iii Foreword
v Introduction (from the previous edition)
9 General Comments Re-Flash Paper
12 Opening Effects
14 Effects with Cigarettes, Cigars, Flames, Matches & Ashtrays
21 Effects with Money
26 Effects with Cards
32 Effects with Silks
35 Effects with Balls
37 Effects with Paper
40 Effects with Flowers
42 Effects with Rope
43 Effects with Milk
44 Miscellaneous Effects
49 Gags, Stunts and Bits of Business