Riding, Joe: Three Card Monte
©1990 Joe Riding
Paper Manuscript, 6 pages, 5.5x8.5"
Three Card Monte

Comments: A short manuscript on the 3 Card Monte.


1 Introduction: Monte effect uses three cards from any deck. Cards are held in one hand, and ending includes a twist finish. Includes brief description of the basic move.
2 The Routine: Uses 10, J, and Q of Diamonds in 10 sequences, and a "mirror image" patter. Cards are thrown in order 10, J, Q, but they reverse themselves. This is repeated two more times. Cards are manually reversed, but when tossed sill come out mirrored.
3 Focus on the Queen: Even though the Queen is focused on, it still comes out different.
4 The Non-Throw: Order is changed, and the throw is not used. The Queen is visually pulled from the packet and placed on the table, all is as it should be. This is repeated, and the cards reverse order again.
4 The Twist: Queen of Diamonds is exchanged for the Queen of Spades from the deck. Packet is spread to show three cards, with the Queen of Spades replacing the Diamonds. As the cards are shown, suddenly the Queen of Spades turns into the Queen of Diamonds (Gambler's Cop)