Riding, Joe: Joe Riding's Cabaret Lecture Notes
©No Date; Joe Riding, A.I.M.C., Lancashire
Paper, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 8 pages
Joe Riding's
              Cabaret Lecture Notes
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Comments: True lecture notes, without all the details


1 M1 Roadsign: Instructions for this variation of the cardboard compass
3 Moves for the Spongeball Routine: Moves only, no patter; with a "sucker" part and shower of sponge balls finale
4 Moves for Counting the Cards: spectator never has 6 six cards; uses Buckle count
5 Moves for Roped In: Professor's Nightmare variation, almost fully explained except for "Slydine" move, and you need to be familiar with original Professor's Nightmare routine
7 Gags: 11 jokes for by-play