RFA: Channel One Magazine: Editions 5-8
©1999-2000 Radio Free Atlantis Productions
Quarterly Magazine, 8.5x11" format; stapled

Comment: This is a TOC listing for the 2nd year (2nd four issues). Channel One Magazine is a close-up magic quarterly publication. Emphasis on cards, but also other magic as well.

Contents (sorry no page numbers)

Issue 5 - Year Two: The Teatime Invasion

Commentary From Your Editor
Mail Call
Personnel Files
PSIncerely Yours (Paul Alberstat):
Branded Card III (Anthony Owen):
You're Supposed To Be Reading Minds (Derren Brown):
Affected Berglas (Marc Paul):
Kross Currents (Ford Kross):
Gold Rush (Nicholas Einhorn):
Unsolved Problems: Nip-A-Nip (David Acer):
ConCam Rendezvous (Paul Wilson):
Something Snappy (Angelo Carbone):
Very Clean Coins Across (Anthony Miller):
A Case of Polygraphy (Tom Frame):
Coming Attractions

Issue 6 - Jackpot! We Hit It Big in Vegas!

Commentary From Your Editor
Mail Call
Personnel Files
PSIncerely Yours (Paul Alberstat):
Beginner's Corner with Steve Forte: Springing the Aces
A Quickie from Kev Williams: Card to Nipple Rings
Quinkied Inks (Looy Simonoff):
Apollo's Pen (Apollo):
That's a Wrap (Justin Haines & Lee Asher):
Lee Asher's Newly Cleaned Open Travellers
Elmsley with an EDGE (Allan Ackerman):
What Makes a Good Card Trick? (Gary Norsigian):
Uncle Gary's Passing Silver (Gary Norsigian):
For What It's Worth (Steve Mayhew):
Coming Attractions
Bande du Soleil (Nate Kranzo): moving suntan effect

Issue 7 Spring Cleaning!

Commentary from Your Editor
Mail Call
PSIncerely Yours (Paul Alberstat):
Cool Aces (Greg Wilson):
CIA Psych-out (Howard Flint):
Once upon a Time...Magical Stories (Ariel Frailich): Punx, an Excerpt
Ready for Any Bill (Algonquin McDuff):
A.K.A Short Stack (Syd Segal):
The Demon (Alain Nu):
The Three Monkeys (David Jade):
The Acer Coin Problem Solved!!
For What It's Worth (Steve Mayhew):
Well go take a look!! Geeze!
Coming Attractions
Plus the booklet Rapid Change (Rune Klan)

Issue 8 - A Full Bodied Swedish Import

Commentary from Your Editor
PSIncerely Yours (Paul Alberstat):
Stealth Reverse (Tom Stone):
L-I-A-R (Tomas Blomberg):
The Arc Move (Lennert Green):
Beme's Corner (Sixten Bemes):
Healed & Sealed (Anders Moden):
For What It's Worth (Steve Mayhew):
Mirror Madness (Daniel Risman):
In the Eye of the Beholder (Peter Groning):
Poof! (Thomas Williams):
Plus the booklet Suspension of Belief (Matthieu Bich)