Miller, Anthony (Editor): Channel One Magazine: Editions 1-4
©1999-2000 Radio Free Atlantis Productions
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11"; 40-50 pages per issue
Channel One
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Comment: This is a TOC listing for the first year (1st four issues). Channel One Magazine is a close-up magic quarterly publication. Emphasis on cards, but also other magic as well.

Contents (as I only have one issue of this magazine, detailed descriptions & page numbers are currently only provided for Issue 3)

Issue One

Commentary from Your Editor
Focus on Performing (Paul Alberstat): Rants and the Way I See It
The Money Cards Too (Dean Dill):
The 15 Second Memorized Deck (Tom Frame):
Anatomy of a Magician (Tom Frame):
Stigmata Stick (Jim Fish):
Heisting Histed Heisted (Mike Powers):
Letters from America’s ‘lil Backyard Up North (David Acer and Jay Sankey): The Optical Vanish
La Torn and Restored Carde (Maxine Montier):
Kross Currents (Ford Kross):
A Sleightless Ernie (Allan Ackerman):
The Wrong Card to Wallet (Michael Van De Carr):
Blackjack! (Joshua Jay):
Signed Card to Wallet Outdone (Chas Roberts):
Hypnosix (Gaston Quieto):

Issue Two- Doing it the French way!

Commentary from Your Editor
Mail Call!:
Personnel Files:
Focus on Mentalism (Paul Alberstat):
The Extraordinary Card (Dominique Duvivier):
Dominique Duvivier’s Chameleon Thinking (Sebastien Clergue):
Light My Fire (David Stone):
Mercury One (David Stone):
Rocket Card (David Stone):
Kross Currents (Ford Kross):
Transition (Bebel):
Leitmotiv Sandwich (Bebel):
Oh La La! (Maxime Montier):
Letters from America’s Lil Backyard Up North (David Acer and Jay Sankey):
Cold Cuts (Romaric):
Postine (Le Masked Frenchman):
Plus an 8 page poster for the Cold Cuts Rope Routine

Issue Three- We don't need no stinkin' cards (March 2000)

5 Commentary from your editor: Anthony Miller
6 Mail Call: contrived letters...
7 Personnel Files: bit of info on Keven Williams, Mike Powers, and David Acer
8 Work In Progress (Tom Stone): Ideas and thoughts towards the development of a modern "Miser's Dream" coin production routine; followed by a biography of Tom Stone
13 Kross Currents (Ford Kross): some thoughts on working with an agent for bookings, with a short biography
14 Logogram (Michael De Marco): a simple "book test" using a word list and a standard dictionary
15 Can you Trust Social Security? (Michael De Marco): a mathematical prediction using the spectator's social security number; followed by a biography
17 Smokin' (Ron Jackson): a clever routine in which the filter end of a cigarette keeps jumping from one end of the cigarette to the other. Includes a short biography.
21 Focus On Mentalism (Paul Alberstat): no mentalism this time, but an article recommending the use of a contract for any booking. Includes a sample professional contract; also a short biography on Paul
23 Snakey Handcuffs (Anders Moden): a addition for the Crazy Man's Handcuff's rubber band effect; biography
24 A Quickie (Kev Williams): a cut and restored oxygen tube (tongue in cheek, I hope!)
25 Beach Business Cards (Josh Jay): a beach scene is drawn on the back of the performer's business card, and the spectator suddenly finds sand in her hand as proof she was there!
27 Billy-Bob Reverse (Jimmy Favorite): a coin/card matrix effect with a reverse ending
29 The Draun Knives (Steve Draun): Steve's commercial routine using an all white, white/black, and black/rainbow knife; includes a short biography
33 Profile - Joe Mogar: a little about Joe and his knives and thimbles
34 News Flash: on the Vancouver Magic Circle's online library catalog
35 Tip Trickery (Rune Klan): Three half dollars vanish one at a time from a plate and are all found underneath at the end; includes short biography
37 Tornado Straw (Nate Kranzo): while at a fast food restaurant, the performer accidentally thrusts the straw through the bottom of the cup, but then after a bit of soda dripping, all is restored. (not quite impromptu)
39 And on a Somber Note: death of Karl Munsterman
40 Conventions and Upcoming Fun: convention news
41 Not Just a Pig in a Poke: pig naming contest
42 Coming Attractions

Insert: In the center of this issue was a booklet of card routines, entitled "In Case of Emergency"
1 Vacuum Aces (Bebel): an instant collectors effect
7 - Alternate Handling
8 - Simplified Handling
9 Biography: Bebel
10 Spellermental (Tom Frame): card spelling with two spectators

Issue Four- Hoosier Daddy? Magic
Mail Call
Personnel Files
Focus on Mentalism (Paul Alberstat):
Final Matrix (Sean Bogonia):
Kross Currents (Ford Kross):
The $100 Give Away (John Rogers):
The Indiana Triangle (Brian Naus):
Out of the Blizzard (John West):
Labor Pains (Danny Archer):
In a Pig’s Eye (Danny Archer):
Beginner’s Corner with Tom Gagnon):
Breakneck (David Acer):
Whether Forecast (Mike Powers):
The Clockwise Jeweler (Marty Kane MD):
Contest Winner
Lecture Review
Coming Attractions
Plus the Props to perform In a Pig's Eye