Revelle & Andree: Raise Your Glasses, "50 Tricks with a Bottemless Tumbler"
©Supreme Magic Publication 85x14" typed manuscript, no date
Paper Manuscript, 11 pages

Comments: 50 Short ideas for the bottomless glass, some only a few sentences Not highly recommended, but worth a glass if you are out of ideas


1 Ball Vanish, Growing Flower, My Goodness My Milk!
2 A Bottom for the Glass, Comedy Glass, Comedy Glass Again, Flower 'n Paper Combinations, Penetration through China
3 Transponge, Dried Egg!, Magical Change, Milk Silks, Trapped
4 Silk 'n Sponge, Colour Sympathy, Card 'n Silk, Rice 'n Silk
5 Drumhead Deception, Matchless Glass, Flash Silk Production, The Wand-erful Glass, Glass and Egg Vase Combination
6 A Simple Silk Pedestal, Again the Pedestal, Flower Surprise, Coins in Glass, Ball Surprise, Eggs-tremely Mystifying
7 Dried Milk, Sand Surprise, In the News, That Tray Again, A Coin Vanish, A Solid Penetration
8 The Topit Vanish, A piece of Rope, The Heat Proof Glass, Silk Through Silk, Linked Paper Clips, A Bing Ball Vanish
9 Silk 'n Milk, Mental Beaker, Vanishing Confetti, Bamboozling Beakers, Rising Cards, Ice Cream
10 Milk 'n Beer, The Bottom's Out, Trapped Ball, Goodbye
11 Hand-drawn Illustrations