Repro Magic: Magic With a Stacked Deck
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Paper, saddle-stitched, 55 pages
Magic With a
              Stacked Deck
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Comments: Pages in the original are not numbered. Part of the Repro Magic Five Star Teaching Series


3 Introduction
4 Types of Stacked Deck: sequential vs. "random"
5 Si Stebbins Set Up
6 Eight Kings
8 The Nikola Card System: and how to learn it
11 Bart Harding's Stacked Deck System
14 Name That Card: magician names selection, four approaches
16 A Mediumistic Stunt (Si Stebbins): Eight Kings or Si Stebbins
17 Imagine: card is removed and deck placed back in box, yet magician names the card
20 Impossibility (Vincent Dalban, Charles Nyquist): magician knows when spectator is lying
22 The Ultra Find (Theo Annemann, Charles Jordan): magician reveals two selections, special stack
23 On the Spot (Doctor Jacob Daley): a STOP trick starts wrong, then ends with success
24 Self Working Mystery (Bill Larsen Sr.): another version of above using a Stripper deck
25 Miracle Cards: three cards are selected and sealed in envelopes, yet magician names all three
27 The Cards Know (Hen Fetsch): a "cat" card finds three selections
29 Triumvirate (John Carrol Mounier): routine of three card effects
32 It Must Be Mind Control (Barrie Richardson): magician names 5 cards chosen by audience (excellent); with variations
40 Impromptu Princess (Barrie Richardson): variation of above
49 Count the Cards: magician knows how many cards were cut
51 Don't Count On It: magician know how many cards were cut to the bottom
51 Shuffle It (Jean Hugard): shuffling a stacked deck
52 A Pack of Prompts (Tony Richards): comedy bit