Redford, Patrick G: Square+
©2010 Patrick G. Redford
Image from Patrick G. Redford

Comments: Impromptu Mentalism with a deck of cards. Part 3 of a 5 comic book series (preceded By Triangle & Heptagon). All of the material is 100% impromptu.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers; descriptions from web site):

1 Card Counter: Tell the subject what card he's thinking of after quickly looking through the deck at rapid speed. After proving to be correct, the subject is then given the power to DUPLICATE this feat.
2 Spot Poker Tells: Sense the exact moment the subject sees his thought-of-card
3 ESP Cards: Make a subject perfectly match five ESP cards in a clean, direct, and mind boggling fashion. Virtually self-working.
4 30 Card Poker Deal: A killer 3-phase routine that uses real suggestion techniques with 100% fail-safes combined with a special kicked ending.