Redford, Patrick G: Mendacity
©2005 Patrick G. Redford
Image from Patrick G. Redford

Comments: Six routines and two essays that Redford reveals here for the first time.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers, descriptions from web site):

1 Malicious Delight: Introduction
2 Photo Reading: An Impromptu miracle in which the Performer describes a photograph that he has never seen
3 Fabricated Truth: Sneak Thief Out Done; What's different here is that the drawings remain behind the performers back
4 Malicious Delight: Finding Your Need to Know
5 Eschew Obfuscation
6 Cell 'O' Phone Oracles: Cell Phone Effect for the Stage
7 Auspicious Coincidence: An Impossible Any Card at Any Number
8 Naughty Bits: Confabulation with a physical payoff
9 The Forgotten: A Subject Forgets The Name of a Playing Card