Redford, Patrick G: Largo
©2008 Patrick Redford
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Contents (numbers are not page numbers; descriptions from Ronjo Magic):

1 Introduction
2 Quartet: Previously published as part of Transpose (2007) & E.F.A.M. (2007); Four people correctly rearrange themselves in an order projected mentally by the performer.
3 Lie Detector:  Previously published as part of Transpose (2007); Connected only by telephone, the subject mixes four known objects on the table so you couldn’t know which object is where. You ask them to answer no, to each question in regards to the objects & you spot each lie and reveal the order of every object without fail.
4 Suoitibma Drac: Previously published as part of Diapason (2004); The performer shuts off the brain of the audience. The audience feels themselves come out of this altered state & the performer provides proof.
5 Subliminal Persuasion Kicker: Previously published as part of Transpose (2007); The subject is asked to write down a prediction and then to forget about it. Four objects are randomly rearranged by the subject. He discovers that his subconscious led him to arrange these objects in the same order as his prediction.
6 Any Card At Any Number (Stage Handling): Previously published as “Auspicious Coincidence” from Mendacity (2005) different handling, improved gimmick. A closed bag is given to a spectator for safe keeping. A random card is named. A random number form 1-52 is also named. The bag is opened, inside is a deck of cards. The spectators opens the deck and counts to the number named. That number location has the selected card.
7 Fantasie Impromptu (CAAN): The subject is able to determine by sound the exact position a card is at in the pack.