Redford, Patrick G: Consecution
©2005 Patrick Redford
Image from Patrick G. Redford

Comments (Stephane): five miracles of "sleight of mind"

Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Buildings and Bridges: Introduction

2 Act One : Freedom lies in being bold
3 Eidolon: a hallucination of a playing card brought into reality
4 The Sticky Spirit: Add a number with sticky note pad
5 Intermission : Hidden secrets
6 An Anomalous Remembrance: something to remember you
7 Thoughts on Metal Bending: Artistic bend
8 Act Two : Actions Lie Louder than Words
9 Fantasy Animal Divination: clean impromptu divination of thought with nothing written down
10 ESProntary: Through body language, a thought of ESP symbol is revealed
11 A Sailing Thought: origami boat that helps subject forget his fear