Rawson, Clayton (The Great Merlini): How to Entertain Children With Magic You Can Do
©1962 Clayton Rawson, Cornerstone Library
Paperback, perfect-bound, 176 pages
How to Entertain Children with Magic You Can Do
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Comments: Decent book of mostly beginner's magic


vi Preface (John Scarne)
xi Introduction: advice on presenting magic to children

3 Chapter 1 Match Magic
3 Matchless Mind Reading: magician determines which matchbook was selected
4 Upside Down Matches: box of matches is turned upside down, but matches only fall on command of magician
5 Scrambled Arithmetic: a mathematical trick with match sticks
7 The Tramps and the Geese: matches seem to transfer from hand to hand
8 The Illusive Spots: jumping spots on two matches using the paddle move

14 Chapter 2 Conjuring With Coins
14 The Invisible Coin: coin vanishes as rubbed into elbow, and is recovered from the ear
15 The Vanishing Coin: cuff vanish
16 Penny To Dime: clever switch
18 Into Thin Air: a head vanish and reappearance
19 The Penetrating Coin: coin penetrates handkerchief
20 Coin Through Table: single coin thru table, performed seated
22 The Evaporating Coin: coin vanishes from under handkerchief (confederate)
23 Multiplying Money: handful of coins increases three times as coins are shifted from hand to hand (good!)
25 Invisible Flight: coin vanishes from under handkerchief and appears in a hat
28 Tricky Transposition: two coins held in handkerchiefs by two spectators transpose

30 Chapter 3 Sorcery With String
30 Through the Thumb: string penetrates thumb
32 The Miraculous Match Folder: paper matchbook is removed from a string
32 Match Folder Repeat: one trick that can be repeated!
34 The Life Saver Mystery 1: Life saver removed from string
35 The Life Saver Mystery 2: another method

37 Chapter 4 Rope and Knot Magic
39 The Instantaneous Knot: hands are brought together and apart, and a knot appears
39 The Dissolving Knot: a quick untie
41 One-Hand Instant Knot: another quick knot
41 The Comedy Knot: one knot pops off and another vanishes
44 The Prisoner Escapes: with a western storyline
47 The Mystic Ring: rubber mason jar ring penetrates the rope
50 The Fourth-Dimensional Knot: an addition to the above
50 The Word's Most Complicated Knot: gets smaller and smaller then vanishes
53 Two Knots at Once: begin as above, but end result is two knots
53 Visible Penetration: scarf penetrates a rope

56 Chapter 5 Tricks With Everything
56 The Rubber Band Illusion: band jumps from fingers to fingers
58 The Magnetized Knife: knife clings to the hand, two methods
62 Egocentric Rays: initials on sugar cube transfer to hand
63 The Linking Clips: two paper clips link from dollar bill
64 The Surprise Penetration: in attempt to have a coin pass thru the table, the glass penetrates instead
65 Through The Table: paper balls through the table
69 Soft Steel: safety pin penetration
69 The Message From the Ashes: message appears when ashes are rubbed on magician's arm

73 Chapter 6 Self-Working Card Tricks
73 The Mystic Fifteen: Spectator eliminates cards until three remain, magician determines selection
74 Instant Hypnotism: choose the six pile
75 The Lazy Magician: a misleading location trick
76 Automatic Detection: another, slightly different version
77 The Spectator Does a Trick: spectator finds magician's card
79 Find It Yourself: spectator does a trick without knowing how she did it
80 The Secret Number: self working location
82 The Reluctant Card: remaining card is the selection
84 Multiple Reverse: a number of chosen cards turn face up
86 The Upside Down Miracle: two halves are placed face to face, yet whole deck faces one way in a flash
86 X-Ray Vision: Magi names bottom card of three piles cut by spectator
89 Cherchez La Femme: an easy, non-gimmicked version of the three card Monte (good)

95 Chapter 7 Easy Sleight of Hand With Cards: location card explained
95 Riffle Shuffle In the Air: standard shuffle
97 False Riffle Shuffle: keeps bottom (or top) intact
97 The Overhand Shuffle: standard
98 False Overhand Shuffle: keeping bottom controlled
99 False Cuts: two simple methods
100 The Divining Knife: knife "dips" as it passes the selection
102 Premonition: As spectator deals, magician knows when selection will be dealt next
103 Booby Trap: As above, but with a "sucker" ending
104 The Magic Spell: spectator spells to his card
106 A Curious Prediction: mathematical prediction with cards
107 Three Tricks In One: a location with three possible endings provided
108 The Lie Detector 1: Magician determines selection while blindfolded
109 The Lie Detector 2: a way to repeat the above
111 The Acrobatic Cards: selection ends up face up in the deck
113 The Magic Knife: Knife is inserted in deck next to selection
114 World's Record: Selection found instantly (bent corner)
116 The Magic Transformation: instant change with a double lift
119 Mathematical Discovery: a comedy discovery
119 The Power of Thought: chosen card is a number thought of by spectator
120 Double Trouble: Magician attempts to find two cards, finds one, and then changes it to the 2nd
122 Detective Story: Four Kings find the criminal

126 Chapter 8 Prepared Card Miracles
126 The Four Aces: spectator deals the Aces
128 Prize Contest: Whoever has a King wins - all spectators have a king!
129 Double Discovery: two selections found simultaneously (also describes a deck switch)
132 Everyone Takes a Card: Magician finds multiple selections
133 Mental Spell: two mentally selected cards are spelled out
136 The Great Jail Escape: a story trick with gimmicked cards

142 Chapter 9 How to Read Minds
142 Color Clairvoyance: with crayons (wax)
143 Seeing with the Finger Tips: name a color, magician instantly produces it
144 Magic Arithmetic: magician determines a total
146 Numbers in the Mind: another mathematical stunt
147 The Z-Ray Tube: clever multi-phase use of a cardboard tube
149 Money Mind Reading: Using math, magician determines which hand holds a nickle and which a dime
150 Multiple Mind Reading: magician reveals multiple selections
151 X-Ray Eyes: assistant can apparently see through objects (signal system)

154 Chapter 10 Magical Party Stunts
154 The Moebius Strip Race: a clever presentation of the Moebius strips
158 Door Prize: only the magician gets the prize
161 Paper Puzzle: boy wins a quarter
162 Bill Catch: spectator can't catch the bill
163 Follow the Leader: a fixed game of do as I do; magician can force a winner
165 Modern Witchcraft: comedy card routine, selection ends up on child's back
169 Arithmetic Race: adding game magician can always win
170 Coin Quiz: coin puzzle
170 Coin Problem: another puzzle
171 Knot Puzzler: tie a knot without letting go of the ends
172 Bottle Lift: with a straw
172 The Imprisoned Coin: remove a coin under a glass without letting a match fall
173 Checker Stack: remove just the bottom checker
174 Match Lift: lift 7 matches with one
174 The One-Move Mystery: cups of water puzzle
174 Marksmanship: drop cards in a hat

176 About the Author: a brief bio of Clayton Rawson