Ram, Pattabhi & Ivar Utial: 101 Magic Tricks
©2006, Pustak Mahal (publisher), Delhi India
ISBN 81-223-0887-1
Paper-bound, 105 pages
101 Magic Tricks

Comments: Children's book of magic. This is a typical book of tricks. Most are "oldies but goodies". Does not provide much in the way of presentation or instruction in how to perform.

Contents: (only partial descriptions)

1 Chameleon Balloon: a balloon is popped, but only changes color
2 Pincushion Balloon: a balloon is pierced with pins but does not pop
3 Table of Knives: challenge to balance four knives to support a book
4 Restored Necklace: pearl necklace is cut and beads poured into a bag. When bag ripped open, the necklace is restored
5 Secret-Disclosing Knife: using a butter knife for a peek
6 Tearable Wand: a wand is wrapped in paper and torn in two
7 Floating-Ribbon Cutter: magican can cut a ribbon in the air
8 Pencil Tip Decption: magician can gues which end of a pencil is which, when it is wrapped in a paper
9 Colour-Guessing Fingers: magician can determine color of pencils or pens held behind his back
10 Transferable Marks: chalk marks on a table transfer to the palm
11 The Moving Mark: Pencil mark on sugar cube transfers to spectator's palm
12 Obedient Ball: a ping pong balls only falls on a string upon command
13 Sliced Whole Banana: a banana is found to be already sliced when peeled
14 Ice Cube Lifting String: how to
15 Vanishing Water Glass: brief explanation of a vanishing shot glass
16 Disappearing-Reappearing Glass: cup of water is lifted from a hat and vanishes in a bag, to be found back in the hat
17 Anti-Gravity Water Glass: science experiement
18 Rising-n-falling Milk: clever glass of milk illusion
19 Coin-Detecting Fingers: magician finds coin selected by spectator
20 Vanishing Coin: in handkerchief
21 The Magic Tube: produce handkerchief from tube
22 Self-Knotting Hankies: three colors
23 Hanky-Penetrating Pencil: pencil seems to go right through handkerchief
24 Hanky-Materialising Hands: production
25 Coin-Dropping Trick: more of a stunt
26 Rattling Empty Matchbox: a Monte style effect with matchboxes
27 Magically Repieced Matchstick: broken in handkerchief
28 Head-Turning Matchstick: match is inserted head-side first, but emerges head-side last
29 Nine Is Eight!: optical illusion
30 The Un-Cuttable Thread: through straw
31 The Captive Bracelet: bracelet is threaded on rope tied between wrists
32 The Rejoined Rope: cut and restored
33 The Roped Bottle: lift a bottle using a straight rope
34 Mind-Reading Numbers: math trick
35 Predicting Totals: math trick
36 Blind Reading: yet another math trick
37 The Age Detector: from a phone number!
38 Total Magic: math addition
39 Uncanny addition: quickly summing any square drawn on a calendar
40 Pregnant Dice: dice increase from 2 to 3 as rolled
41 Dice Reading: magician can read face of die even though covered with cup
42 Transformed Visiting Card: magician's business card transposes with spectator's
43 Sealed Queries Answered: Magician answers questions of spectators by touching envelopes (one ahead)
44 Bang-On Prediction: Name matching prediction is taken out of a hat
45 The Card Locator: a quick method for making a one-way deck
46 Random Card Locator: an easy location of two cards
47 Magic Card Locator: a spelling trick
48 Heaped-Card Locator: a locator card
49 The Ace Trick: using a one-way deck
50 The Deck Trick: selection reverses itself
51 Magic Total
52 Tricky Number Trap
53 The 6-9 Trick: Two black 6 & 9 cards are dispersed in the deck, yet instantly found together
54 Gravity Defying Glasses: two glasses suspend underneath a book
55 Match Magic
56 The Balances Glass: balances on card
57 Miracle Sand: sand is dry in water
58 Magic Liquid: changes color
59 The Severed Finger: illusion
60 Ash Money
61 Telephone Telepathy
62 Magic Wand Mystery
63 Tell Tale Cards
64 The Red-n-Black Trick
65 Vanishing Ring: in handkerchief
66 Card Confusion: a sort of two card Monte
67 The Red-Hot Coin: chemical trick
68 Alpin Magic: match sinks vertically in water
69 Dead Or Alive: center tear
70 Smoking Fingers: looks like smoke from your fingers
71 Spot the Card: selection immediately found without even looking at the faces (one way deck)
72 Magic Dice: using little know dice fact
73 Hanging Ring: thread is burned but ring doesn't fall
74 Teleportation: coin in apple
75 Vanishing Words: invisible ink
76 Human Combustion: burnt match relights
77 Silver Egg: a painted egg glitters like silver when dropped in water
78 Chosen Object: magician finds object touched by spelling them
79 Money Matters:
80 The Match Trick: used match is reused
81 Date Mate: magician determines dates circled on a calander
82 The Maths Wizard: spectator ends up with same number magician predicted
83 The Rising Card: from deck in a glass
84 21 Card Trick: selection determined by elimination and spelling
85 The Obedient Card: pips on a card seem to multiply
86 The Blindfold Con: blindfolded assistant determines which of 12 cards chosen
87 Egg In the Bottle
88 Rope a Dope: cut and restored rope
89 The 15-9 Trick: whistle sounds without blowing it
90 Magic Whistle: whistle blows without blowing it
91 The Three-Glass Trick
92 The Obedient Pencil
93 Knifed Bottle
94 Matchless Moves
95 Knotted Hankies
96 The Palmed Ring
97 Dead Lead
98 The Coin Con
99 The Marked Key
100 Magic Slate
101 The Dancing Clip