Ram, Pattabhi: Magic for Fun
©2008 17th Edition, Pustak Mahal (Publisher), Dehli, India
ISBN: 978-81-223-0341-3
Paper-bound, 120 Pages
Magic for Fun

Comments: A children's book of magic from Indian magician Prof. Pattabhi Ram. Brief descriptions of tricks, some B&W drawings.Tricks are of the typical style for children's books, with some puzzles and some good ones mixed in.

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

5 Welcome to Magic
6 So You Want to Be a Magician (Dr. B.V. Pattabhi Ram)
7 Contents

8 Yogic Touch: magician determines which pencil was used to write with
10 Mental Magic: tell which object was touched (accomplice)
12 Anti-Gravity Matchsticks: don't fall out
14 Eggstraordinary Eggs: egg smashed in borrowed hanky doesn't soil the silk
16 Dead Or Alive: center tear
18 Classic Trick: dictionary test
20 Yogic Fingers: smoke from fingertips
22 Queen Of Hearts: card in ashes
24 The Third Eye: one way deck
26 Trick With Toffees: game the magician always wins
28 Magic Dice: read the numbers facing down
30 Join The Twine: two pieces become one
32 Obedient Limes: limes move across the table at your command
34 Colour Clairvoyance: tell which color touched (accomplice)
36 Hanging Ring: doesn't fall when string burned
38 Mathemagic: a math puzzle you can't repeat
40 Freezing Hot Water: instant ice
42 It's Matchic: smoking matches
44 Black Magic: bleeding lime
46 We Are One: rope linking
48 Do As I Do: Mobius Strips
50 Vanishing Cigarettes: vansh from pack in an instant
52 Dissolving Coin: in water
54 Balancing Trick: glass on card
56 A Clean Cut: pre-sliced apple
58 Coin Trick: puzzle
60 Smoke Sans Fire: puzzle
62 The Great Guess Gag: another gag
64 Fingerprint Expert: magician supposedly uses fingerprints
66 Science Can Be Fun: another puzzle
68 Magi's Coconut: stage trick
70 Teleportation: coin is found in an apple
72 English Rope Trick: cut and restored
74 Seeing Fingers: determine the color of the crayon
76 Human Current: stick lights twice
78 Super Matchsticks: with matches
80 Fortune Telling: stunt
82 Anti-Gravity Glasses: glasses adhere to book
84 A Slick Trick: You will select heap Five
86 Divination: Magician determines object that was touched by spelling it
88 Can You Match This?: Match box always lands label side up
90 Magic Message: message appaears on blank paper when heated by candle
92 Care For A Cool Drink: Spectator pays for the drinks (magician's force)
94 Vanishing Coin: coin vanished from under hanky (accomplice)
96 Magic Matchsticks: 10 minus one equals 10 (puzzle)
98 Bowled Over: science experiment with matches
100 A Trick That Ticks: Playing card changes to railway ticket
102 The Missing Ace: Ace vanishes from deck and is found in pocket
104 Money Matters: Magician knows which coin is in which spectator's hand thru math
106 Used Match Ruse(B.V.S. Nagesh): used match lights anyway
108 Card Clairvoyance (Goutham Guha): Spectator touches one of 9 cards; magician determines which one
110 Magic Societies
112 Magic Magazines In India
113 International Magic Magazines
114 Magic Books (Indian & Foreign)
115 Glossary