Ram, Pattabhi: Magic for Children
©2007 Pustak Mahal (Publisher), Dehli, India
ISBN: 9788122303452
Paper-bound, 119 Pages
Magic for Children

Comments: Another children's magic book by one of India's top magicians Pattabhi Ram. Each effect is about two pages. First page is a drawing of the effect along with an unrelated magic hint or tip, and the 2nd page is the text of the effect. Descriptions are short. An example tip: "As a milk substitute, a spoonful of Dettol will usually work when dissolved in a glass of water." Several of the effects seem to be repeated in the author's other books.


9 Topsy-Turvy Match Box: Is matchbox tray facing up or down?
11 Mathematic: great for a classroom
13 Hanky-Panky: puzzle to drop coin into the glass with a paper between
15 Perfect Prediction: you have selected set Four
17 Super Stick Trick: stick adheres to the palm without apparent support
19 Tricky Number Trap: a sucker gag
21 Simple spade Work: two black 6 & 9 cards are dispersed in the deck yet instantly get back together
23 Anti Gravity Glasses: glasses suspend from a book
25 Spine-Chilling Finger: Gag - dead finger in box comes alive
27 Bottle Bafflement (Sam Dalal): bottle hangs from a straight rope
29 Match Magic (Professor Hoffmann): matches vanish from box
31 Determined Drinker: Puzzle - drink the juice without using your hands
33 An Edgy Trick: balancing a glass on a card
35 Carbon Trick: a simple mentalism trick
37 Miracle Sand of India (B.V.S. Prashant): sand comes out of bucket of water dry
39 Cut and Restore: ribbon is threaded thru an envelope and cut, but not damaged
41 Fingering: odd and evens card trick
43 Unique Card Prediction: magician determines bottom card even though deck is in the box
45 Vedic Wonder: black drink poured into another glass turns clear
47 Magic Mango Juice: water poured into jug, mango juice is poured from jug! (and yes you can drink it)
49 Think of An Ace: magician predicts which Ace will be selected by the Spectator
51 Monkey from Ashes: paper is burnt and turns into money
53 Telephone Telepathy: remote card divination
55 Vanishing Coin: in a folded handkerchief
57 A Sharp Trick: magician can tell which safety pin was handed him
59 Magic Wand Mystery: handkerchief vanishes from paper cone
61 Tell-Tale Cards: determine someone's age from the cards
63 King and Queens: Queens turn into Kings
65 Tumbler Trick: water stays in inverted tumbler
67 Number Trick: magician predicts total of three numbers
69 Red or Black?: magician determines red or black cards in envelopes
71 Color Changing Balloon: instant change
73 Telepathic Name Game: magician determines thoughts of three spectators
75 A Sharp Card Gimmick: magician snips the end of a business card when it is thrown in the air
77 Funjuring: finger ring vanishes in handkerchief
79 Whispering Knife: knife "whispers" card selection to you
81 Stretching Rope: magician's rope stretches
83 The Audience is Always Wrong: two cards are placed in a hat and one removed, but they transpose
85 First Aid Matchbox:
87 OOPS/ The Cup Slippeth Over: Water poured into hat doesn't damage it
89 Candies From Thin Air: Empty cup is covered and uncovered to reveal now full of candy
91 Conjure up A Candy: Candy from a deck of cards
93 Visiting Card Wonder: business card has prediction of which of three coins selected
95 Abracadabra: chemical trick coin heats up and produces ashes (is this safe?)
97 Tit for Tat: noisy matches
99 Buttonhole Blockade (Master Vamseekrishna): appearing flower in buttonhole
101 Aces up the Sleeve (P.S. Jain): Blank cards become Aces, then Fives
103 Missing Aces: Four Aces put in a book, one removed, but only one is left!
105 Kerchief Creation: from a candle
107 Dissolving Card: vanishes when dropped into a pitcher of water
109 Juggler's Magic: magcian's match floats vertically!
110 Magic Manners (An exclusive for young magicians): short articles on books, decorations, assistants, etc.