Ram, Pattabhi: Magic For You
©2006 12th Edition, Pustak Mahal (Publisher), Delhi, India
ISBN 81-223-0339-0
Paper-bound, 115 pages
Magic for You

Comments: A children's magic book by one of India's top magicians Pattabhi Ram. Each trick also provides a "tip". For example: "The word Magic was derived from the word 'Magi', which means 'Wiseman'. Magi was the first man who visited Jesus soon after he was born."


8 Introduction: from Paul Daniels
10 Three Dates (David Ginn): magician determines three dates circled on a calendar
12 Computerised Day of Birth: mathematical trick
14 Memory Magic: a test in memory
16 Become a Maths Wizard!:  determine the number chosen
18 Cornered by a Square (William Robinson): magician determines numbers chosen on a large graph sheet
20 Mathematics Wizard: Magician rapidly adds up values
22 Arithmetic Amnesia: two spectators can't seem to add
24 Mathemagic!: a calculator trick
26 The Rising Card: card rises from deck in a glass
28 It's All in the Atlas (H.S. Paine): mind reading with a confidant
30 Pack It With Abracadabra: 21 card trick
32 A Sleight of the Hand: card seems to have four sides
34 Vanishing Colour Card: three color cards in a hat, two are removed, none are left
36 Out of Order: a simple card revelation
38 Secret Code: a pre-arranged deck trick
40 Blind-folded but Card-sharp: magician can determine cards though blindfolded
42 Miracle Pen: magician reads a card with the help of a pen
44 The Balancing Trick: with a egg
46 A Slippery Customer: egg into milk bottle
48 It's Eggstraordinary!: egg floats or sinks
50 The Balancing Act: Two Betcha's - balance a glass on a bill, and remove bill from under glass
52 Dropping the Dice: Betcha - get dice from outside glass inside
54 The Three-Glass Trick: A betcha - specatator can't repeat moves
56 Clutching at Straws: another betcha - lift a bottle with a straw
58 Sticky Trick: betcha - move glass without match dropping
60 The Obedient Pencil: pencil rises and falls in bottle on command
62 A Little Hankey-Pankey: handkerchief vanishes from glass
64 Chun Ling Soo!: vase of rise is lifted with a knife blade
66 Juggler's Trick: match floats vertically
68 Before the Beholder: match seems to penetrate a safety pin
70 It's Matchic!: Monte game with match-boxes
72 Match-box Moves! matchbox rises on back of hand
74 Match-stick Trick: broken and restored match
76 We are One: two handkerchiefs join
78 British Magic: red hanky turns to green in a box
80 Ring In the Duplicate: ring removed from rope
82 Magicap: pen and cap act as if connected by rubber band
84 Lead to the Dead: living and dead test
86 Magic Writing: optical illusion
88 Vanishing Coin: coin vanishes from between two cups
90 The Key to Concealment: only magician picks key to open the lock
92 Magic Slate: slate writing
94 A Scarf Up Your Sleeve: scarf from newspaper
96 The King's Special: paperclip and string dance like a snake
98 Invisible Gas: puts out a candle
100 Make Words Vanish: invisible ink
102 A Coneful of Flowers: flowers appear from an empty cone
104 Trick of 9's Tail: mentalism
106 Magic Whistle: makes noise by itself
108 A Nose for Tricks: magician uses his nose (and accomplice)
110 A Break from Magic: gags