Racherbaumer, Jon: Heirophant Resurrection Issue
©1976 Louis Tannen
Paper, perfect-bound, 57 pages
Hierophant Ressurection Issue
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Zigby7

Comments: The 7th of 8 issues of this periodical, with mostly card magic.


1 Introduction
2 Contributors
3 The Hamman Twist (Brother John Hamman)
4 Krenzel's Tunnel Change (Ken Krenzel)
5 Dingle's Tunnel-Change (Derek Dingle)
6 No Force Vanish & Recovery (Jon Racherbaumer)
7 Off-Shoot (Jon Racherbaumer)
8 Jump-Jump Aces (Edward Marlo)
9 The 999 Mircale (Edward Marlo)
10 Pinapple Twist (Bruce Cervon - Dai Vernon)
11 Sober Slop Poker (Edward Marlo)
12 Breakless Curry Change (Edward Marlo)
13 The Four Ace...Er...Queen Trick (Edward Marlo)
14 Flash Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
15 Fair On All Points (Edward Marlo)
16 The Missing Hour (Edward Marlo)
17 The Viet Nam Trick (Bruce Cervon-Dai Vernon)
18 A Quickie (Edward Marlo)
19 Exhibitionism (Edward Marlo)
20 Hands Off Reverse (Anon - Jon Racherbaumer)
21 King's Triumph (Larry Jennings)
22 Late-Nite Sandwich (Reinhard Muller - Alex Elmsley)
23 The Laymen Makes His Own (Edward Marlo)
24 A Sandwich Approach (Edward Marlo)
25 The Spectator Cuts to And Turns the Aces 1 (Edward Marlo)
26 Over the Aces (Edward Marlo)
27 The Stabbing Myth (Jon Racherbaumer)
28 Crack Card Switches (Edward Marlo)
29 Casual Card Add (Edward Marlo)
30 Marlo Double Lift Get Ready (Edward Marlo)
31 The Spreda and Palm (Edward Marlo)
32 Cased-In Disappearance (Edward Marlo)
33 In Case of a Miss (Edward Marlo)
34 Spring Control (Anton York)
35 The Delayed Sandwich (Edward Marlo)
36 Tilt Bit (Lin Searles)
37 The Princes Card Trick (Tony Griffith)
38 1835 Prediction (Edward Marlo)