Presto, Fay: Magic for Kids
©1999 Kingfisher, NY
Paper bound, 72 pages
Magic for Kids

Comments: This is a well done beginner's book I borrowed from the public library. It is designed for children, and does a good job at including preparation and delivery rather than just tricks. Also, the tricks provided are good ones, using some of the better principles as found in the Tarbell Course In Magic. All can be constructed from materials found around the home. Recommended for beginners.


5 Introduction by Fay Presto
6 Contents
8 How to Use this Book
10 Useful Tips: location, secrets, etc.
12 Act the Part: costumes, patter
14 Props and Puppets
16 Number Crunching: mathematical prediction
17 Showing A Profit: Using a book as a coin tray
18 I Can Read You: a simple book test
19 That's News to Me! Good news clip cutting prediction
20 Rope Through You: rope through the body
22 Rope Wriggler: Version of professor's nightmare, but not much of an ending provided
24 Water Surprise: Two tubes are shown empty, then water poured into the cup. Cup is tossed toward spectators and is found empty. Then colored water is poured from the tube.
26 Magical Tube: produce silks from empty tube
28 Flat Top, Round Top: nice deck stack
30 King's Change: Four Kings shown, one changes instantly to an Ace, then all are Aces (gimmicked cards)
31 Feel the Force: Slip force (my favorite)
32 Sensitive Sole: selected card found inside your shoe (dupe)
34 In-Jog: explained
36 Lie Detector: uses in-jog and peek
37 Key Card: bottom
38 Twice As Rice: homemade Rice Bowls
40 Cereal Killer: Produce items from empty Cereal Box
42 Through the Table: Glass through the table using handkerchief
44 Busted Banana: Banana slices equal selected card value
46 Glass Magic: nice coin trick. Coin is swirled in glass to show only one, then poured onto spectator's hand. A second coin penetrates the hand into the glass.
48 Ice Cream Queen: Deck is vanished in a paper cone, cone when opened has large imprint of selected card
50 Linking Silks: Two silks vanish from paper cones, end up in third linked to another silk
52 Devil's Handcuffs: Bracelet links onto rope tied to performer's wrists
54 Mirror Box: how to build
56 Mirror Magic: using the Mirror box
57 Up Your Nose: Trick wand up the nose
58 Shake That Box: Spectator can't find (Monte/Rattle Box effect)
60 Anyone Home: cardboard box illusion
62 Big Box: Turnover Trunk construction
64 Get Lost! Using the Big Box
66 Putting On a Show: tips
70 Glossary
71 Where to Go Next: Library, Magazines, Clubs, Internet
72 Index, Acknowledgments (Davenports)