Powers, Michael: Top Secret Stuff
©1990 Mike Powers
Softcover, 180 pages
Available from http://www.mallofmagic.com
Top Secret Stuff

Comments: Descriptions taken from Mike Powers website

Contents (items in parenthesis are sleights described within the routine; numbers are not page numbers)

01 Foreword: Jon Racherbaumer

02 Card Effects
03 Evolution: (Quick Four Way)
04 The Nightmare Card: (Rub Away Vanish)
05 Flushing Out the Queens:
06 The AT&T Trick:
07 Squeezing the Jacks: (Marlo’s Broken Elmsley)
08 Whether Forecast:
09 Incredible Coincidence: (Semi-Circular Switch)
10 Merlin’s Answer: (Trinity)
11 CARDial Infraction:
12 Unexpected Visitor: (Marlo’s Glide Variation)
13 Misplace Your Bets: (Swivelleroo Plus, Long Distance Double)
14 C.C.C.P.: (Secret Interlace)
15 King T.U.T.: (More Miracle Changes)
16 Varying Variance Variant: (Instant Replay)
17 Photo Surrealism:
18 The Fly:
19 FOURclosure:
20 Blowing Away the Aces: (Drop Cover Pass)
21 Industrial Strength Aces: (Randy Revelation)
22 Incomplete Four Way: (Incomplete Faro Location, Simon Business Card Move)
23 Unexpected Development:
24 Tornado Card:
25 A CASE of Indigestion:
26 The Invisible Aces:
27 The Impossible Travelers: (Unlimited Count)
28 Phantom of The OPERAtion: (Marlo’s Visual Retention Change)
29 Rising Mistake:
30  Schrodinger’s Dream: (Slow Motion Top Change, Marlo’s Misdirection Palm)
31 The Trap Door Card:
32 No Palm Corner in the Glass:
33 Mexican Assembly:
34 Coin Effects
35 The Alchemists’ Dream: (Ammar’s Spellbound Change)
36 China Syndrome:
37 Fusion/Fission:
38 Twisted Reverse Matrix:
39 Ultra Fast Coins Across:
40 Jumbo Finale:
41 Twilight Zone:
42 International Matrix Reverse:

43 At the Table
44 My Cup Runneth Over:
45 Toothpick Into Straw:
46 Striking Vanish:
47 Jelly Roll:
48 Swinger:

49 Appendix
50 Palmless Card to Pocket
51 Christ-Annemann Alignment Move
52 Secret Double