Powers, Mike: Power Plays: High Voltage Magic
©2006 Mike Powers Magic
Illustrated by Tony Dunn
Hardcover 8.5x11, 232pages
Power Plays

Comment: Description by Mike Powers states, "There are 58 items (see table of contents below) using cards, coins, bills, rings, rubber bands, straws and other ordinary objects. The foreword is by Allan Ackerman. There are extremely visual items where things appear, disappear, change size, and change color as well as mental magic that will fry even the most astute observer. Many items are self working and nearly all the others require only basic sleight of hand."

Contents: (items in parenthesis are sleights described within the routine)

9 Foreword: Allan Ackerman
11 Introduction
17 Impromptu Card Mysteries
17 Open Travelers Transpo Redux (Tent Vanish)
21 Impossible Collectors (ATFUS, TILT, Kelly Bottom Placement)
24 ITH Triumph (The Goodwin/Jennings Display): a three phase In The Hands Triumph
27 Red Rover (Veeser Concept)
30 Ace To Face (The Herrmann Turnover Pass)
33 Expert Cards to Pocket (Marlo’s Misdirection Palm, Erdnase Bottom Palm)
39 M-Mail (Mercury Fold)
42 Sawing A Lady
46 Maxi Switch (Marlo’s Scoop Addition)
49 Open Prediction 999
52 Psychic Birthday Predictor
56 Impromptu Terror (Christ-Annemann Alignment Move): An impromptu moving hole effect with a card signed by the spectator on both sides. Cards can be given away at the end.
63 Natural Poker Power
67 Twist on Simon (Jay/Powers/Givens)
70 The amBIGuous Card (Necktie Second Deal): a card selection shrinks and grows
73 Best of All Worlds
77 Hoochie Coochie Aces
80 Signed, Sealed and Delivered (The Secret Double)
85 Virus
88 Reverse Faro Coincidence

92 Mathematical Mysteries
92 Punch Intro
94 PM Plus (Punch Work): Magician deals two piles and names two selections; the top cards in the piles match the selection. The magician never sees the faces or backs of any card!
98 Punch Drunk
102 Punch for Two
106 Numerical Analysis
108 Hide and Seek
112 Heisting Histed Heisted
116 Sunken Treasure (The Breather Crimp)
119 Code 5 (Clocking Mod 13): A two person poker effect; spectator 2 determines what card spectator 1 has as a "hole" card
125 The 7 Card 21 Card Trick (Gene Finnell’s Free Cut Principle, Steinmeyer’s 9 Card Problem with 7 Cards)
128 Total Freedom (The Hummer Parity Principle): based on Bannon's "Degrees of Freedom". Spectators mix cards face up and down, end up with six face down cards, which are the 6 selections.
131 Cut and Run

136 Prepared Card Mysteries
136 Animazement (The Braue Reversal): a flip book trick like Cardtoon with a template
144 Back to Back (The Riffle Force)
147 The Mystery Card (The Hamman Count)
152 Red Shift (The Hindu Shuffle, The Paintbrush Change)
155 Subtle Princess (Dingle’s Nolap Switch)
159 Invisible Triumph
161 Double Decker Sandwich
165 Finders Keepers: a freely named card becomes sandwiched between 2 jokers
168 The Money Game
171 Tri-EASY-Thon

176 Coin Mysteries
176 Flipped Out (Jaxon/Gerard/Powers): One, then two coins jump from the spectator' hand to the performer's
179 Ten to One
181 Tarnex
182 Matrix Reverse Surprise
187 Expanding Expenditure
190 Twice Told Tales (The Kaps Subtlety, The Palm Change)
194 Pushing "Two Quarters" (John West) (The Click Pass, Goshman Pinch)
197 Progressive Matrix
200 Captain Hook (Ramsay Subtlety)
204 Minimalist Matrix
207 More Flippin’ Out Ramsay

212 Miscellaneous Mysteries
212 Smokin' (Ron Jaxon): The filter of a cigarette jumps from end to end in a highly visual manner.
216 Double Your Money (The Bill Switch)
220 Ring Transpo
223 Routined Rubber: a four phase rubber band routine
227 Paper View
229 Science Friction