Powers, Mike: Eye Poppers – 10 Eye Popping Routines for Close-Up Workers
©2003 Mike Powers
Photographs by Mike Powers
Comb-binding, 32 pages
Available from Mike Powers' Mall of Magic
Eye Poppers

Comments: (Andrew Loh) This is an excellent booklet that covers great impact and practical close-up card magic. I highly recommend it!

From Mike Powers: "Eye Poppers is my most recent set of notes. There are 10 solid close-up routines. Most are card items but there are two fun "games" to play with your spectators. "$185 For Your Thoughts" is a self working "game" in which the spectator apparently has many chances to win your money by making choices. In the end, the spectator merely gets his dollar back, as the final prediction states. This can be played close-up or from platform."


1 Blind Willie Aces
4 Virus
7 Double Decker Sandwich
10 Shrodinger’s Dream Revisited
14 Wild One
16 Goin’ Fishing
19 DG Poker Prediction
22 Breathalyzer
26 $185 For Your Thoughts!
21 Bouncer