Potts, Don: The Trestle Board, Special Edition
Official News Bulletin of the Invisible Lodge
198? The Invisible Lodge
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 29 pages
The Trestle
              Board Special Edition
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Comments: This is a publication of the "Invisible Lodge", whose interests are Masonry and Magic. This was a special edition for the President, William "Bill" Joy, published in his  honor. It contains a variety of magic, ideas, and some B&W photos. It appears to have been published some time in the 80's.


2 The Story of Bill Joy: a one page biography
3 About Bill's Show: some accolades for Bill's performances
3 Comments About Bill and Ce (his wife): a dedication to Bill and his wife by several contributors
5 About the Invisible Lodge: a brief history
6 Invisible Lodge Membership Cards: a couple of line drawing and the numbering system
7 About Magic and Magicians: too many contributions!
7 Feather Bouquet Production (John C. Ahlers (Jack Alden)): brief description of a holder to produce 5 feather bouquets from silks
7 Double Twin Coincidence (Andrew Anthonson): A you do as I do effect where spectator and magician both pick matching cards
8 A Coin Move (Bernard Blake): a nice false transfer
9 Kalma's Watch, Glass, and Handkerchief Trick (John Braun): An effect from 1917. A watch vanishes from a silk in a glass, the silk vanishes, then the glass vanishes, all to be found in a borrowed derby hat.
10 For My Matchless Friends (Forest Cummings): a quickie with a borrowed book of matches.
10 Cheeky Sponge Balls (Graham Etherington): Spectator and Magician wave hand to vanish balls. Performer's ball vanishes, but spectator's doubles. This is repeated, and spectator now has three. Another transfer is tried, but this time the ball only makes it to the spectator's pocket!
11 The Bending Pencil, With a Twist (W.E. "Bill" Geutebier): switching a truly bent pen for the old "rubber pen" illusion
12 Way Back When (Bob Heger): notes about  magicians of the early century, including Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston, and Blackstone, among others.
13 Parasol Surprise (Edwin Hooper): white umbrella is shown and placed in a tube. Newspaper is torn and restored, but all the ink has vanished. The white umbrella now has all the newspaper print! Does not explain the torn & restored newspaper, and you'd need a source for the newspaper umbrella / sunshade and a duplicate white one.
15 A Notable Effect (John Hutchinson): Blank slates are shown and put aside. A bill is borrowed and put in an envelope. The slates are now shown to have a number written on them, which matches the serial number on the bill. (Thumb tip)
15b,c,d Three pages of B&W photos of Bill Joy
16 Vanishing $ Bill From Bare Hand: bill is pressed into fist and vanishes, no thumb tip used!
16 Utility Hinge (Bob Kline): an improved trick hinge
17 Improvement for Wallet Tricks (Jess J. Langston): using an "s" hook to automatically close the zipper as the wallet is removed
17 A Closing Routine (Rob-Lee): Uses dealer items: coin cylinder, silk vanisher, vanish/production box, ribbon, silks, coins, and newspaper. Spectator 1 holds onto coins in cylinder. Silk is tucked into vanisher and rolled into newspaper and handed to spectator 2. Coins and silk both disappear, and are found in production box.
18 What Is a Magician (Gertie Potts): humor
19 The Professors Nightmare...Patter for Masonic Functions (Trevor Lewis)
19 A Mental Effect (Paul Lynham): a simple mind reading stunt
20 Correcting a Mistake - From Magic In the Modern Manner (Orville Meyer): Spectator 1 selects a card and places it face down without seeing it. Spectator 2 cuts the cards and takes 3 cards face down on table. All will match, declares the performer. Three cards are same, but fourth is different. 4th is waved over the three, and they all now turn into the 4th!
21 Cut and Tied Rope Routine (John K. Miller): Rope is cut up and placed in bag to come out tied. This fails twice, then out is pulled a box of TIDE (groan)
22 Handling of Flexi-Mirror ("Bing" Miller Onalaska): commercial effect
23 Torn and Restored Elastic (from Elastrix) (Ed Mishell): clever torn and restored rubber band
24 Double Copper Double Silver (Ed Newmann): copper attracts copper and silver attracts silver in this simple coin routine
25 The Jumping Frog (Eddy Parker): a jumping frog (attached to a squeezer and tube) locates the selected card (idea only, forcing or locating the card is up to the magician)
25 Torn and Restored Cleenex Tissue (Don Potts): Not the full effect, just the setup
26 The Spider and the Fly (Bruce Posgate): From "Necklace Trickery. Hand is instantly released from a necklace suspended from the arm.
28 Utility Tray for Lazer Beam Flashlight (Frank Hayes): Utility tray to activate the commercial Lazer Beam light under the selected card.
29 First Curtain Call: dedication for Ce Joy
29 Second Curtain Call: Thanks to other contributors