Posgate, Bruce: Kid-Show Showmanship
©1961 Abbott's Magic, Michigan
Paper, 52 pages, 5.5x8.5"
Kid-Show Showmanship
Image courtesy GranHoudini.net

Comments (Stephen Sparks): Great information fro one of the Masters at performing for children. No tricks, but lots of good advice.


1 Forword
2 How to Begin Your Show
3 What to Wear
4 Making an Entrance
5 Getting Attention from the Audience
6 How to Addrerss Your Audience
7 The Opening Trick
8 Planning the Program
9 Again, Please Don't!
10 Tell Them a Story
11 Old Tricks or New?
12 Assistants, How to Choose Them
13 Presenting the Finale
14 Don't To Remember
15 Getting Your Voice Over!
16 Pleasing Adults, At Children's Entertainment
17 Performing in a Private House
18 Hecklers
19 Repeat Engagements
20 Summing It Up