Pomeroy, John D.: Dove, Silk and Flower Magic
©1975 Micky Hades International, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 42 pages
Dove Silk and
              Flower Magic
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Comments: Illustrated by Paul Lenti

Contents (from book ToC):

3 Dove Magic
4 The Magical Merry Christmas Hat
5 Comedy Dove
6 Gloves to Dove
7 Bare Hand Dove Vanish
8 Zombie Dove
9 Triple Doves in Balloons
10 Electronic Dove in the Balloon
11 Balloon Release, Dove in Balloon
12 The Face of the Devil

14 Silk Magic
15 T-Stand Silk Vanish
16 Humpty Dumpty Silk Dying
17 The Hindoo Silk
18 Snapsilk
20 The Splitting Silks
22 The Grand Finale Silk Production
24 The Cut and Restored Ribbon
29 The Sympathy Silks
30 Super Slik Silk

31 Flower Magic
32 Vanishing Bush of Flowers
35 Flower Bush Production
38 Spring Flower Production
39 Comedy Flower Production