Pinard, Andrew J.: The Shared Experience
An Approach on the Presentation of Magic

©2002 Andrew J. Pinard; Absolutely Magic; NH
Softcover, saddle-stiched, 5.5x8.5", 44 pages
The Shared
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Comments (Andrew J. Pinard): Learn how to transform the presentation of tricks into fully developed performance pieces. With knowledge gleaned from over fifteen years of performing as both an actor and magician, Andrew shares not only his thoughts on crafting a “complete” performance, but illustrates these thoughts with routines from his own professional repertoire. Topics to be covered include his unique perceptions on misdirection, the shared experience, logical illogicalities, and character-creation for the magical entertainer, as well as sharing specific information on the business side of performing magic for a living.


7 Introduction
9 The Shared Experience
13 Presentational Concepts
16 The Hole-Y Grail: My multi-layered chop cup routine. A perfect opener.
20 Coins Across Redux: Five phases including a gutsy hands-off translocation.
23 Static Currency: Finally, a plausible reason for a floating borrowed bill and a perfect intro for the next piece.
24 Autograph Collection: Andrew's version of the hundred dollar bill switch wherein an autograph on a bill turns inside out, along with the bill. No routine, just presentation and construction of the bill.
32 Open & Closed Prediction: original two-phase effect wherein a card is removed from the deck, signed on the back and set aside as a prediction; a second card is then selected by the spectator and signed on the face, lost in the deck and revealed to have been sitting on the table the whole time. Two versions, one which resets in seconds.
38 Fifty-Two To Tango: fusion of the card to glass, card to forehead and card to wallet plots

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