Pinard, Andrew J: Serious Bizness
Incorporating Humor into your Performance

1996, 2000 Andrew J. Pinard; Absolutely Magic; NH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 23 Pages

Serious Bizness
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Comments (Andrew J. Pinard): Andrew's first lecture booklet is an analysis of the types of comedy and how they can be applied to your performance through visual humor. Available from Andrew Pinard at


7 Visual Comedy
7 Character
8 Body Type
9 Costume
9 Attitude
10 The Common Link
11 Forms Of Visual Comedy
11 Slapstick And Violence
12 Maximizing The Impact Of Slapstick And Violence
13 Magic And Surrealism
13 Sudden Appearances/Disappearances
13 Transformation
14 Objects Coming To Life
15 Acceleration/Deceleration
15 Imitation, Parody, And Satire
17 Mime And Body Language
17 Form And Plot
18 The Anatomy Of Humor
19 Last-Minute "Quickies"
19 Conclusion
21 Recommended Bibliography & Filmography