Petrick and Jim Kahlert: 7 X Petrick (Purple)
© Petrick & Mia, Hollywood, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 16 pages
7x Petrick
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Movie-Movies

Comments: Cover design by Josef Manas, illustrations by Mia and featuring a silhouette by Dai Vernon, printed on the cover.
The Seven by Petrick Series were released in seven volumes, each with seven tricks, and each with a different color cover and topic covered. The others were:
7X Petrick Red with 7 of Hearts - Cards
7X Petrick Blue with 7 of Clubs and hand with Billiard Balls - Ball Magic
7X Petrick Green with 7 of Clubs and a Handkerchief - Silk magic
7X Petrick Orange with Joker - Cards
7X Petrick Black with 7 of Spades - Cards
7X Petrick Maroon with silhouette of Petrick Throwing a Ball - Stage Magic

Contents (Andrew Pinard, numbers are not page numbers):

1. Lipstick Levitation: Selected card placed against the outside of the filled card box rises over the deck (like a rising card but rotating up and away from the box).
2. Balloon Penny-tration: Penetration of a penny into an empty, blown-up balloon.
3. The Shrinking Card: A card is selected from a regular deck which transforms into a miniature deck. The selected card is replaced into the (now) miniature deck only to transform to a random card.
4. Strange Change: A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. A random card is folded in half longitudinally, reopened and then displayed to the audience. This card is then visually transformed into the signed selection retaining the crease.
5. Fail-Safe Bank Night: Bank night routine and method.
6. The Voodoo Queen: A selected card (queen) is tortured by bending it in the middle. The deck is table spread to reveal three other creased cards which match the selected card.
7. The Magic Mat: An indifferent card is waved over a close-up mat only to transform into a selected card which may be thoroughly examined