Pavel: The Novel Magic
©1970 (circa) Pavel, Switzerland
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 28 pages
Pavel: The
              Novel Magic
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Comments: "A Collection of 13 new effects with silks, ropes, rings, balls, cups and other objects"

Contents (from book):

3 The Magic Tambourine: silk and cane production
5 Pavel's Rope Circles: rope is cut in four, each section tied into a circle, then becomes one giant circle
7 New Color Changing Ball: ball changes color as it passes through a tube
9 Simple Silk Variations: silks magically change the way they are tied together in multiple ways
11 Ring Escapes: three ring off rope effects, using 6" rings
13 Black and White Records: record colors transpose
15 The Silk in the Knot (Pavel's Version): silk appears on a rope and penetrates the rope
17 Geometrical Mystery: holes in a paper mysteriously change places
19 Four Silks to One: a Blendo effect with a cardboard square (nice)
21 Confetti and Cups: multi-colored confetti is mixed in cups and the colors separate
23 The Universal Silk Tube: three effects with this tube
25 The Fantastic Knot: Knot tied in red rope transposes to white rope (and stays red)
27 Silken Chinese Rings: like linking ropes but with silks
28 Notes: a blank page for your notes