Patton, Temple C.: Card Tricks Anyone Can Do
©1968 Temple Patton, Castle Books, NY
Hardcover, 141 pages
Card Tricks Anyone Can Do
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Comments:A mathematical approach to card magic. Contains very good explanations of the mathematical principles of many card tricks.

Contents (descriptions are from the book's table of contents):

11 Introduction

15 Part One (No Card Prearrangement)

16 Chapter 1 Key Card
17 Undercover Agent: an undercover card spots a spectator's card buried in the deck
19 Lie Detector: a spectator miscalls his card in a random listing and is caught in the deception
23 Double Decker: a copy cat routine in which one card mysteriously copies another
24 Figuratively Speaking: a whispered number is still overheard by the performer who demonstrates with cards his astounding sense of hearing

29 Chapter 2 Mathematical Treatments
29 Number Please: a number called out by one spectator locates a card previously selected by another spectator
31 Togetherness: an engaged couple evaluate their compatibility index by the fall of the cards and find they have a togetherness rating of 100%
34 Counterespionage: a counterspy card displays an uncanny knack for taking up a position opposite to that of a spy card
39 Cardiograph: cards are dealt out and discarded until one is left that is identified by gamma radiation
45 Twentieth Century Mind Reading: a card being concentrated on by the audience is picked out of the deck by the performer

52 Chapter 3 Reverse Counting
52 Name That Card: a card lost in the deck is located by spelling out the names of several spectators with cards
57 Switchcraft: cards selected by two spectators mysteriously change places with each other
60 Second Sight: a card secretly selected by a spectator is picked out of a packet of cards in his pocket

64 Chapter 4 Geometric Treatments
64 Birds of a Feather: cards separated from each other migrate and come together
66 Speleological Six: a spectator trapped in a cave is rescued by card geometrics
69 Double Cross: crossing a spectator's palm with cards make his selected card known to the performer
72 Breaking the Code: a two digit number exposes the identity of two card carrying thieves at an embassy social function
77 Bewitched Switch (Which is Which?): three cards are switched about but the performer always spots the spectator's card

82 Chapter 5 Trick Counting
82 Fidgety Digit: a number that is freely chosen locates a secretly selected card
85 "13": the number thirteen finds a card that has already been written down on a piece of paper
88 Telepathy: without touching or seeing the card deck, a spectator's card is identified in the packet of cards that he holds

93 Chapter 6 Contests
93 Gamesmanship: a game in which the spectator specifies the number of cards for play but always loses
97 Third Color Theme: a game of logic that separates the merely brilliant from the true genius

101 Part Two (Prearranged Cards)

103 Chapter 7 One Card Prearrangement
103 Fairest One of All: a young lady selects two numbers and through card numerology finds she is destined to win a beauty contest
107 Detective Story: a face up card in a face down deck displays an amazing talent for tuning up a card that is hiding out

112 Chapter 8 Multiple Card Prearrangement
112 Ace Bonanza: the spectator makes the heaps but the performer turns up aces for the top cards
115 Diamond Mine: a card routine that turns up diamonds
117 Tactility: the performer distinguishes between the front and back of cards by his sense of touch
119 Time Clock: a spectator's card is found by inducing his subconscious mind to disclose his favorite hour of the day
121 Impossible Pick Up: cards chosen by several performers are spotted and picked up from a card spread on the table
123 Spelling Bee: cards picked up at random are mysteriously spelled out with numerical regularity

130 Chapter 9 Complete Deck Prearrangement
130 It's A Computer: a vibrating card announces the number of cards in a packet that has been secretly removed from the deck
133 SS Deck: the Si Stebbins stack
135 Empathy: the performer secretly establishes the identity of a card taken from the deck and with this knowledge mystifies the audience
136 Mix Up: a card mixed in with other cards is identified
136 Flush: a poker deal gives the performer a royal flush
137 Square: a card proof of the Pythagorean Theorem
139 Bookstuff: a word located in a book from a random dealing of the cards is mentally divined by the performer