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Parrish, Robert and John Goodrum: You'd Be Surprised
©1963 Robert Parrish, Louis Tannen's Magic Shop, NY
Softcover, saddle-Stitched, 5.5x8.5", 66 pages
You'd Be
Image from Magicref

Comments: Illustrated by Hahne

Contents (from book):

9 Card And Mental Magic
9 The Real Coincidence Trick
9 Telephone Telepathy
11 Telephone Telepathy Again
11 Alias Divination
14 Magazine Miracle
15 Strange Interlude
18 A Slate Writing Method
20 Slate Psychics
22 The Ultimate One Man Sealed Message Reading System
26 Predetermination
32 And a Routine
33 An Improved Four Ace Routine
35 Selective Card in Pocket
36 Si Stebbins Up the Sleeve
37 The Perfect Card Routine

42 Mostly Manipulative — With Glasses
42 Class of Liquid from Card Fan
43 Some Glassy Ideas
44 Glasses Glasses, Everywhere
46 The Pause that Refreshes
48 The Drunkard's Dream
49 A Glass Routine

49 Thimbles
49 Duo Color Change
50 Continuous Color Changing Thimble Production
52 Lost and Found
52 The Passing Thimbles Again
54 The Super Thimble Vanish
55 A Nu-Idea Thimble Holder
55 A Contrast Screen
56 A Thimble Routine
58 A Coin, a Match and a Thimble

59 Miscellaneous Magic
59 The Flying Light Bulb
60 The Ideal Hank Box
61 Spello
62 A Sleight of Hand Rope Method
63 P and G Cut and Restored Ribbon
65 A Magical Flash Routine