Parrish, Robert (editor): Bert Allerton: The Close Up Magician
©1958 Ireland Magic Co., 1960, 1979 Magic Inc.
Illustrated by Howard Bamman
Paper, stapled, 71 pages
Bert Allerton's The Close Up Magician
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Comment: A nice, small collection of magic by Bert Allerton. The book was compiled from Mr. Allerton's notes after his death.


3 Contents
4 Introduction: Brief biography of Bert Allerton and Close Up magic
7 Foreword by Bert Allerton
8 The Vanishing Cigarette (pull)
10 The Bent Spoon: a dangerous stunt (to the silverware, that is!)
12 Swallowing a Knife: ad lib table stunt
14 The Stack of Quarters: simple presentation with dollar bill cylinder
18 The Card and Cigarette Case: Torn card to cigarette case
20 Simplified Magic Square
22 The Two Card Trick: An in the spectator's hands Monte type effect with "fake" explanation
24 The Eye Popper: Ambitious card routine. Double lift and neat "pass" move taught.
27 Transcendence: spectator holds 4 cards, including one previously selected. Magician finds card in deck, and spectator finds he only holds 3.
28 The Missing Deuce: 4 deuce turns out to be chosen card
30 Surprise Spelling: Magician spells wrong card and finds wrong card: hands to the spectator to spell and locates selection.
31 The New 21 Card Trick: card discovery
32 The Double Lift: explained
34 On the Slip Force
36 Tricks with a Stacked Deck: the Ireland Stack
38 The Scissors: How to make comedy cut/no cut scissors
41 The Sugar Cube: Impromptu through the hand (wrapped cubes)
42 The Flutist: drinking straw stunt
44 Impromptu Handkerchief Routine: Not a Knot (dissolves), The Invisible Hair (moves), Penetration (knife through), and the Rabbit puppet.
52 The Little Hindu: wrapping a muslin square into a doll
54 Magic Letter Square: a cute crossword stunt
54 Winding the Pack: gag
55 The Jumping Flower: Flower jumps from lapel to lapel. Don Alan version, making the flower
58 Vanishing the Bird Cage
60 The Glass Through the Table: old classic
62 The Aspirin Box: Photographic Card divination with unique touches
66 The Nest of Envelopes: signed card found in nest of envelopes
69 Bert Allerton's Rules for the Close Up Magician
70 A Biographical Note
71 Bibliography