Parrish, Robert: Six Tricks by Tenkai
©1958 Magic Inc.
Paper, 20 Pages
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Six Tricks by Tenkai
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Comments (Magic Inc.): "The wonderful Oriental performer who won standing ovations at several national conventions in this country put some of his prime material into this book. Tenkai returned to Japan where he became a teacher of magic until his death. These tricks are unique, unusual, truly Oriental mysteries. Very carefully described by Bob Parrish, with masterful illustrations by Tenkai himself. We have seen all this material personally and guarantee it to be superlative. There is no one quite like Tenkai."


5 Tenkai Dye Tube Technique
7 Knot Supreme - Tenkai Silks and Tapes
11 Tenkai Three Dice Trick
13 Tenkai Two Penny Trick
15 Two Coins Move
17 Tenkai Card Flight