Parker, Jack: Set to Stun
©2005 Jack Parker
69 pages, 60 images
Was available as an e-Book
Set to Stun

Comments (Alex Rossi): Jack's first set of notes. Includes 9 Card and 1 Coin effects. Sadly, Jack passed away in 2007.


6 Cross Eyed Surprise: Red Ace goes in between the red Queens, Black Ace into black Queens. They repeatedly switch places, and then the aces switch with the queens for a finisher.
17 Three Wrongs Make a Right: 3 indicator cards, used to guess the selection, turn out to be wrong. Then they turn into the three mates of the selection!
21 First of the First: A Selection is placed in between two jacks, the pack it then cut in half. The Jacks with the selection are placed in one half the other half is given to the spectator. Then the selection vanishes from in between the jacks and appears in the spectator’s half!
28 Persistent Offenders: 4 Kings one by one jump from their packet back to the deck. Akin to “Tap-Dancing Aces”.
36 More Effort Less Magic: A selection and a king consistently switch places, kind of a “Magic gone wrong” type presentation.
43 The Heist: The Ace of diamonds in placed in between the kings face-down, then that packet is cut into the deck. The Ace then jumps in between the four sevens despite the magi never touching them.
50 U.D.S.I.: A VISUAL transposition of a black Ace and two red kings.
55 Fletch: A nice variation of Jerry Sadowitz’s “Fetch”.
59 100% Confidence: Jack’s “fusion” of John Bannon’s Discrepancy City Display and David Solomon’s Three Indicators with a “poker style” kicker!
66 Can Can Coin: A coin is placed inside a Coke bottle and then “pulled out”, lots of great convincers.