Palmer, Johnny Ace: Magic for Fun and Entertainment
©1992 Johnny Ace Palmer
Paper, saddle-stitched, 12 pages
Magic for Fun
              and Entertainment
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1 Childhood Wonders
1 The Vanishing Bobby Pin: a simple pull
2 The Hocus Pocus Pocket: pants pocket goes in by itself
2 The Mysterious Key: haunted key

3 Observations, Theory & Mental Technique
3 The Grippo Revelation: building suspense
4 The Walk-Around Formula: a few brief tips for walk-around magic
5 Memory Tips: tips for remembering names

7 Worked Out (With Details)
7 Super Fast Intertwisted: fast way to inter-twine a rubber band on your fingers
8 Sleight of Hand "Scotch & Soda": with a half dollar, dime, and a penny
10 The Traveling Match: burnt match returns to matchbook, twice